Learn Social Entrepreneurship together with migrants from all over Europe

Promoting Social Entrepreneurial Mindsets
for a Sustainable Future

Social Entrepreneurship is an effective way to fight unemployment among
vulnerable groups of adults. And we are going to show how.

The “THINK SOCIAL” project aims to encourage and enable disadvantaged groups of adults or adults with fewer opportunities, such as migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, low-skilled or low-qualified with a main focus on women to foster the social entrepreneurship idea and spirit in their local and at the EU level through the exchange of good practices and the adoption of innovative digital strategies.

The project will promote the social entrepreneurship mindset for adults in such a way as to become ambassadors and innovators of sustainable development and growth in their communities using environmental and cultural challenges. At the same time, through non-formal learning approaches, the project aims to raise awareness of and promote the solidarity dimension of social entrepreneurship policies and practices and young adults contribution to local development.

The project envisions to pilot-test the grassroots idea (outreach strategy) of setting up THINK CENTRES based on synergies to be created with other stakeholders at the local level in order to empower and equip the refugee/migrant adults especially women, with targeted social entrepreneurial skills in order to support their families and their local communities as well as to enhance the social economy of the participating countries and Europe’s as a whole.


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October 15th, 2022 | Saline 34 (Erfurt)

Social Hackathon

The event will gather activists, entrepreneurs, and creative people from all over Thuringia to come together and find a solution for the pre-selected social challenges in the real neighbourhoods.

Recent Activities

Multiplier Event

Multiplier Event in IEK Delta, Athens 31st of March 2023

On 31 March 2023, IDEC organised a Multiplier event for the Erasmus+ “Think Social programme” at the IEK DELTA and educational institution for adults that ...
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Multiplier Event

Multiplier Event in IWM Erfurt, Germany 29th of March, 2023

End of March 2023, we had the opportunity to hold a final multiplier event within the Think Social project. Our aim was to present and ...
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Multiplier Event

Multiplier Event in University of Castilla La Mancha 29/03/2023

On the 29th of March in collaboration with UCLM Dramblys has organized a Multiplier Event aimingto showcase the results of the project. During the event ...
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