Multiplier Event in IEK Delta, Athens 31st of March 2023

On 31 March 2023, IDEC organised a Multiplier event for the Erasmus+ “Think Social programme” at the IEK DELTA and educational institution for adults that is located in Athens. Participants had the opportunity to get introduced to the Think Social project as well as to learn all needed information about the project’s outputs. Participants were really interested in the Think Social Platform, they got to know how to use it for their own benefit and they seemed to be really interested in the sections of the Mapping Tool and the Course.

A variety of different activities were carried out with a total duration of 6 hours. Various workshops were organized with techniques and methods on how participants can develop an idea in order to create their own social enterprise (ex. IKIGAI method, brainstorm etc.), a video-interview with the president of SCE “Look to the stars” was shown which led to a fruitful discussion on social entrepreneurship and its meaning for the participants. There were also some training sessions for the participants in order to understand the concept of social entrepreneurship and its differences from business entrepreneurship, they also got some knowledge on already existing social enterprises, their legal framework and the needed steps in order to create one.

Overall, the event was successfully implemented by IDEC in the premises of IEK DELTA and it was a great opportunity for the participants to enrich their knowledge about social entrepreneurship.